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6 Leadership Myths Debunked by Dionne Van Zyl

6 Leadership Myths Debunked by Dionne Van Zyl

There are so many things about leaders that we hear on a daily basis. But how many of these are true? The truth is that leadership is a crucial topic but is also very misunderstood. Many people have their facts all wrong about leadership, which hampers their understanding of it.

In this guide, Dionne Van Zyl debunks leadership myths. This will help you better understand what leadership is all about. To learn more, continue reading!

Leadership Myths and Facts by Dionne Van Zyl

1.     One Leadership Style Fits All

There are several leadership styles, but the one that leaders choose depends on who they are working with and the type of subordinates. Depending on the nature of the work and the organization, they need to choose their leadership style. Dionne Van Zyl says that a one-style-fits-all approach is usually very problematic since it doesn’t help leaders get the best out of their work.

2.     Leaders Must Be Extroverts

Many people believe that to be a leader, you have to be an extrovert. They believe that you need to have exceptional people skills to lead teams successfully. While it is true that if you know how to deal with people well, you can be a better leader, it definitely doesn’t mean that introverts cannot be good leaders. Bill Gates is a prime example of a very successful leader who was an introvert.

3.     Leaders Work Smarter and Not Harder

While there are ways to work smarter and save up on a lot of time, it is also true that there is no shortcut to hard work. You can only make it big in life when you have it in you to work very hard. Most exceptional leaders of today have worked hard to make it big in life. Dionne Van Zyl is a strong believer in hard work and says that hard work can take you closer to your dreams.

4.     Leaders Know It All

Leaders are generally knowledgeable people, but this doesn’t mean they know everything. They also learn with the process. As a result, they get useful insights and also learn from the people they work with.

5.     Leaders Cannot Make Mistakes

Everyone who is a part of the learning process makes mistakes, as do leaders. They understand things as they progress in the field. They also make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. They understand things better when they make mistakes, then alter their leadership style and way of working to suit their work.

6.     Leadership Is an In-Born Trait

Many argue that great leaders are born. However, Dionne Van Zyl says that people can evolve into becoming great leaders if they put in all the hard work that is needed. To be good leaders, people need to work on specific skills that can help them lead people and bring out the best in those they work with.

Final Words by Dionne Van Zyl

With these myths on leadership debunked, you must have a clearer understanding of who leaders are and how you can become a great one yourself!